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Regroup And E2campus Are The Most Trusted Emergency Notification Systems In Education

Regroup And E2campus Are The Most Trusted Emergency Notification Systems In Education

Regroup.com and E2campus are mass notification systems that allow administrators to send and manage time-sensitive communications to students, employees, volunteers, partners, alumni, media and other users. It is an effective web-based system used by various institutions that need to communicate swiftly to their staff or other constituents or people on their contact or marketing lists. Regroup is powered by a system developed by Stanford University computer scientists and is the most advanced multimodal mass notification ecosystem in the world. Omnilert, which powers E2campus, is also a reliable network for delivering emergency alerts, breaking news and other critical information. Regroup and E2campus enable the user to send important campus information via mobile phone, web page, RSS, PDA, Email, text pager and email accounts. With more than 90% of college students having mobile phones, this method of communication increases safety in the organization. The alerts simultaneously reach popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Regroup and E2campus are a perfect source for communicating emergency broadcast, terrorist alerts, event cancellations, HAZMAT spills and other important information. The subscriber just needs to sign up and then he can receive the alerts in his mobile and other modes. He can change the account settings to add different email addresses and phone numbers.

Regroup.com provides enhanced communication solutions and emergency notification systems to a large groups of people. The company provides SaaS solutions that allow great degree of freedom and flexibility to users and makes communication easy and effective. The Regroup communication solutions have been tested by over 1 million (1,000,000) users in companies, organizations, and schools across the country. Through tight integration with mobile, text messaging, voice messaging, email, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and a clients own website and forums, Regroup offers clients a flawless and foolproof method of communication.

Regroup Emergency Messaging Solutions was founded by computer scientists at Harvard and Stanford Universities in Palo Alto, CA and Cambridge, MA, in 2006. They work with companies like Hitachi, nonprofits, like the American Chemical Society, and higher education college and university such as the state university system of Maryland and New Mexico, among others.

Regroup understands the need of important communications and provide excellent and reliable communication services. They offer a user-friendly web interface and allows for unlimited file uploads. Regroup.com offers communication services for schools, organizations and corporate institutes as well. The company believes in providing exceptional technology at affordable prices. Check out the complete details about their service at www.regroup.com.