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Postgraduate Media Studies Courses in Canada Benefits and Admission Requirements

Postgraduate Media Studies Courses in Canada Benefits and Admission Requirements

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A postgraduate program in media engineering design integration can supply you with a balanced set of design knowledge, skills and capabilities required in media production and media engineering. It trains graduates to work with and lead cross-functional teams of technologists and media producers creating new applications for the media marketplace.

The program in media studies is a unique and hybrid program that focuses on the designing, production and management of innovative media products. The one-year certificate program aims to help students become well-versed in

Application development for wireless devices
Content creation
Interactive museum and retail installations
Digital signage systems and networks

In addition, a strong emphasis is laid on developing

Analytical and decision-making skills
Ability to assess, develop, manage and execute a media technology project
Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
Leadership skills to manage and guide cross-functional teams

Centennial College’s one-year postgraduate media studies coursescover a wide range of subjects, including:

Video production and sound design
Visual design
Design for web and mobile devices
Math and electrical fundamentals
Media electronics
Computer systems and networks
Programming fundamentals
Physical computing
Entrepreneurship and product development
Media system engineering
Automated control systems
Web programming
Media informatics/information metrics
Content management
Portfolio production

The program combines

Classroom learning
Team and individual projects guided and assessed by industry entrepreneurs
Hands-on lab in Programmable Logic Controller, robotics, sensors, electronics, media analytics and network technology project management
Hands-on-experience in the creation and distribution of digital media, video and audio projects for mobile networks and environmental installations
A 15-week industry placement at an interactive design firm or media technology company

Benefits of Media Education

The postgraduate in Centennial’s media education program offers graduates a number of benefits. They

Develop skills and capabilities to work with up-to-date methods of media production
Enhance their core strengths in engineering technology and media production
Get essential experience of working with cross-functional teams
Develop skills and flexibility to lead hybrid teams and develop new solutions
Gain ability to face real world challenges and develop innovative solutions to overcome them

The graduates of this program can work as project coordinators, digital media producers, interactive technical producers, exhibit designers, and producers – digital signage networks content, user experience designers and software programmers. The professionals can find employment with media producers, publishers and media technology developers. The typical work activities may include:

Assigning tasks to the teams of technologists
Providing direction and guidance
Project management
Developing and implementing project plan and design specifications
Overseeing information architecture
Coordinating work efforts across software development, creative design and production teams

However, the job responsibilities may vary widely depending upon the employment, job title and individual qualifications, skills and capabilities and work experience.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for a postgraduate certificate program in entertainment and media systems design, applicants will need:

University degree or college diploma in a discipline related to engineering, technology or media
Minimum two years university education and relevant work experience (for applicants with partial post-secondary education)
A portfolio of work and/or project
Latest resume
Letter of intent

Qualified firefightersendure live fire training prior to working in the field

Qualified firefightersendure live fire training prior to working in the field

A career in firefighting can be exhilarating but the underlying circumstances remain serious on the job at hand. Therefore, a mature demeanor is expected to these emergency service professionals. Experience and time will raise a skilled firefighter but firefighter courses in Toronto can produce qualified individual to aid in rescue operations.

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is part of the Ontario government’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, where they establish policies regarding fire prevention and services for the province. This includes the level of skills required for firefighters in fire services, so a postsecondary education approved by the OFM is highly desirable for hiring fire departments. The Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training (1260) program from Centennial College meet the standards of the OFM and is highly regarded as the training school for future firefighters. Here are some program highlights that Centennial is known for:
One-year firefighter education in courses related to fire safety and rescue operations, including methods on fire suppression and purpose and usage of different fire equipment
Knowledge of operational procedures of a fire service, with an overview of the Incident Management System, the dispatch system in a fire department, and the steps for quickly and effectively using a self-contained breathing apparatus
Emergency patient care course on how to respond to situations in medical and social terms
Fitness class to train firefighters for the physical demands of the job and to prepare them for the physical testing required for professional firefighters
Student firefighter experience with live fire training at the Toronto Fire Academy and other Toronto Fire Services training facilities
Graduates with high aptitude in safe and ethical fire practices, implementing techniques that promote community and environment development
Vast fire terminology teaching so students can communicate better with other emergency responders and the public
Career course tailored for firefighter students, preparing them for aptitude tests, the application process, and the interview process

Becoming a firefighter requires physical and emotional demands, in addition to practical experience. However, many fire services highly prefer graduates with some knowledge and experience in firefighting, which is something that Centennial College offers in its firefighter program. Students enrolled in the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program receive in-depth preparation for a career in fire departments and emergency services. Graduates are skilled and mentally prepared to face a high-intensity and promising career as a firefighter.

Distance Learning Is A Convenient Way To Obtain A College Education

Distance Learning Is A Convenient Way To Obtain A College Education

Not being able to make it into a classroom because of your hectic schedule should not prevent you from obtaining a post-secondary education and launching the career of your dreams. Increasingly, post-secondary institutions are becoming aware that not all learners can make the time or have the money to travel to learn on-campus. With this awareness, they are offering an array of options that don’t require students to physically attend any classes.

Distance Learning, as it is known, is actually quite an old concept. However, it has been revitalized to ensure that students are getting the most out of it in today’s day and age. At Centennial College, this option is part of the School of Continuing Education. The School’s offerings are suited for anyone who has either been away from schooling for any period of time; anyone who wants to advance his or her career but isn’t able to attend on-campus classes due to scheduling conflicts or other responsibilities; those who wish to build on the education and experience that they have already been achieved, either in Canada or another country; or anyone who simply feels more comfortable studying independently than in a classroom. With over 1,300 courses and programs, Centennial College offers flexibility and choice.

Distance Learning at Centennial College is presented in two options. Both allow students to obtain a respected credential but differ greatly. The one aspect they do have in common is that students are required to attend an end-of-program exam at one of Centennial College’s four locations. Each student is responsible to write his or her exam on the first Saturday following the course end date. It is each student’s responsibility to book the correct exam date within the time constraints of his or her course. Students who fail to write their exam by the due date will receive a zero on their exam.
Online Classes:

Students have access to a 24-hour virtual classroom
They can practically study from anywhere that has Wi-Fi or the Internet
Professors can be contacted via e-mail
Interaction with peers occurs through online discussion boards and via email
Among the courses that students can complete online are Business Management Sales, Financial Fraud Investigation, Medical Transcriptionist, Professional Writing, Retirement Communities Management and many others
Print-based correspondence:

Course materials are physically mailed to the student
Students interact with instructors over the phone or via email
All studying is completed independently
Should students require some help, a facilitator (tutor) is assigned to assist them with their assignments
A print-based course consists of lessons, written assignments, exams and the various tools for success
Courses that can be taken entire through print-based correspondence include: Business Management Entrepreneurial, Business Management International, Business Management Marketing, Cosmetics by Correspondence, SmartServe, and Ophthalmic Medical Personnel

Degree Programs Offer Unique Perspective On Undergraduate Education

Degree Programs Offer Unique Perspective On Undergraduate Education

So you’re debating going to college or university. College appeals to you because you want the hands-on experience for which it is known. Meanwhile, obtaining an undergrad is also something you want to get out of your education. Why not combine the benefits of both?

This is made possible through degree programs that are offered at college level. Structured to ensure that students have a strong theoretical base that is backed hands-on application, this choice is perfect for anyone who wants to practice the skills they will use in their trade prior to graduation.

One reputable college offering degree programs is Centennial College in Toronto. Established in 1966, it is the province’s first community college and, therefore, has achieved a respected standing in the community. Its degree programs take four years to complete and allow students to gain extensive subject knowledge employers are looking for. As such, the college is increasingly educating degree-level students to be job-ready.

There are four programs offered at undergraduate level at Centennial College. The School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science facilitates three of the four programs and the fourth is offered through the School of Communication, Media and Design. What all of these programs have in common, however, is they are all unique for a number of reasons. However, the standout reason for their unique nature is how they came to exist and the solid knowledge they offer students.

For example, Centennial College was not just specially selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to deliver a program to address a critical need for networking professionals Ontario through its Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Computer and Communication Networks program. It is also the only post-secondary institution in the province to offer a bachelor’s degree program in Computer and Communication Networks. Students can specialize in network security or wireless systems.

Meanwhile, Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Software Systems Design allows students to be one of a select group of Ontario students to receive a four-year bachelor’s degree in Applied Information Sciences. As North America has a critical need for highly specialized software designers, Centennial College was selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to deliver a program to address this demand. It is also the only program of its kind in the province. Additionally, the Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Bridging to Software Systems Design allows qualified students to join the offering during its fifth semester and graduate in just two years. Students can specialize in mobile application development or service oriented architecture and cloud computing.

Lastly, the Bachelor of Public Relations Management offering is a unique, first-of-its kind program in Canada. The program includes a strong focus on research, social and digital media and corporate communications, and prepares students for a variety of careers in public relations. The strong focus on business principles and digital communications gives graduates a competitive edge.