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High Post Graduation Cost In Canada Compel Students To Opt For Part Time Jobs

High Post Graduation Cost In Canada Compel Students To Opt For Part Time Jobs

Education in todays time has gained much prominence in our lives. With the changing times and advancement of things, surviving without education is next to impossible. It wont be wrong to say that it is one of the pillars, on the support of which a man thinks of moving ahead in his life. However where education promises us a good future at the same time with the cost of education slipping out of our hands pursuing it is becoming a distant dream for most.

High education cost
Today studying in a university has become an expensive investment for a large segment of people. This hike in the fees has had a detrimental effect mostly on the lower and middle-income students having high hopes of making it big. Studies have shown that university fees have gone up tremendously in the last few years. Countries which till some years back, boasted of having reasonable tuition fees had also not been able to save themselves from this trend. One such country to have witnessed great hike in its education cost is Canada. If the researches are to be believed, there has been an increase of more than double in the education costs of Canada.

High post graduation costs in Canada
Pursuing post graduate studies in Canada has become one of the toughest decisions for the students to make in spite of the high class infrastructure available there. Needless to say such a scenario has risen because of the marked increase in the fees of the universities This inflation has dampen the dreams of most of the Canadian students as well as those wanting to study there as immigrants. As per a survey conducted recently about two thirds of Canadians have felt that the cost of post graduation education was beyond their reach. This concern over the rising cost has not been limited to just students with 28 percent of the parents admitting that they would struggle to pay the fees and would be in debt for many years.

Part time jobs
This rise in the tuition fees at the post graduation level has put the students in Canada in a detestable plight. In such a condition the only option available to them is to hunt for part-time employment so as to cover up some of the expenses related to their education. Hence there has been seen a steady rise in the number of post-graduate students seeking part-time jobs simultaneously along with their studies. This adoption of the culture of short-term paid work has resulted in students taking up different kinds of work as suiting their needs. Teaching, call centre, departmental stores, sales department and restaurants are few of the options explored by them whereas those with creative intellect also go for freelance writing. In spite of taking up such jobs they are not able to cover up their expense.

Measure to improve the situation
In order to improve this current situation prevailing in Canada, initiatives should be taken both by the students and the government. Students wishing to study there should ensure that they have adequate money required before entering into the university studies. They should not keep themselves under the illusion that working in Canada while studying would be sufficient for covering education and living expenses. At the same time government assistance to support payment on education and funding in the form of scholarships and bursaries will also help.