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Is School Equipment Important To A Child’s Education

Is School Equipment Important To A Child’s Education

School equipment is one of the most basic things that all schools require. Anything from learning materials such as stationery, exercise books or sports equipment to school furniture and facilities, and also safety and maintenance equipment. This article explores various opinions on school equipment and why it is important to learning.

Certain equipment, such as pencils, pens, or paper does need to be replenished on a frequent basis and are known as consumables. Other equipment such as tables or electricals tends to be much more expensive and there can be reluctance to replace them even when it is necessary. This is especially true now that schools are given very tight budgets from councils and the government.

According to a recent study carried out by BBCs Newsround, the news service for children across the UK, school equipment may not be fit for purpose. The study asked children their general opinions on the equipment and furniture they used. The responses were surprising: Almost all children reported serious problems. These ranged from broken, uncomfortable chairs, damaged tables, equipment that is unsuitable or too small. It seems as if headteachers do not realise how unhappy children are with the equipment they use which is a serious concern.

Another very recent debate about the quality of school buildings versus the quality of teaching was recently posted. The new education secretary Michael Grove announced that the new school building project and the BSF Building schools for the Future set up by the previous government would be cancelled to save money. But many people have argued that this means children will need to use outdated equipment in an educational setting, while others have said that the buildings as long as safe are effective enough. Whether they have considered the effect on existing furniture and equipment remains to be seen.

The recent credit crunch, recession and general lack of money in public sector spending may become a serious problem for schools with limited budgets. A typical budget for school equipment must be spread across everything from site equipment and maintenance to teaching material for children. While some of the material may still be adequate from the point of teachers, they may fall short of health and safety or quality standards set by UK and EU laws.

While the conditions of the buildings themselves are perhaps not the most important, unless of course they fall below the minimum standard, the equipment itself must always be fully functional and up to the minimum standard. School equipment can be purchased from large educational suppliers such as The Consortium. School equipment are some of the fundamental building blocks to a childs education, and combined with effective teaching can be a very important step for any child. Schools can save money by negotiating for bulk prices of items, especially expensive items such as educational furniture and searching for the best prices possible for any item. Any school budget, especially for schools which are having difficulties financially, should be carefully planned and set aside to be spent on items which need the most investment and replacement.

Is Education Interesting

Is Education Interesting

Thinking is a powerful faculty of human mind. Education is a powerful tool to progress. We are living in an era in which education has become a stressful area of life for both children and parents. The need to excel and emerge victorious is every parent’s goal as much as it is for the child. The competition spirit is far exceeding the limits of endurance and reasonableness as more and more children feel stressed out and like a failure if they don’t get high grades while the benchmark for high grades only keeps increasing.

Even the best CBSE school or a top international school is primarily measured with the yardstick of its academic performance, or in other words, through ranks and such systems. There is no wrong in it, in fact this the mark of how good the educational institution is as a choice. But the method in which education in imparted and the systems being implemented differs within each group of the so-called acclaimed institutions. What sets apart the healthy mode of learning is the factors stressed upon during education.

Preschool education is often ignored or treated merely as a play school learning. But it is the basic and building block of the student’s interaction with learning, and is therefore of immense importance. If you look at the best matriculation school in Chennai or a top higher secondary school in Mumbai or any other competent school within the city, the learning curriculum may be similar or same. Developing a humane attitude and instilling in the child’s mind about education as a need and an interesting means to personal development is the point of true success for a school.

While most schools do not succeed, even if they do at the obvious & surface levels, there are sadly only a few which actually make an impact in encouraging children towards stress-free education and making education interesting for them. Only the best of faculty can really train the minds to think. All of us have both good and bad things to say about the educational system. But we do not take steps to make the good things better and converting the bad things into good. The lion’s share of economic progress may be attributed to education. The awareness created by education makes for analysis and utilization of better opportunities. Good investments too are the results of wise learning. It is therefore the oil for the wheel of progress.

To curb the trend of increasing numbers of students’ suicides and to make education interesting to children, they need to be first taught to appreciate knowledge and learning as an activity. Children should be treated with respect as growing individuals and not as high-score brewing machines. Their unique talents or inclinations to a healthy and creative aspect of one’s personality has to be appreciated and allowed to be developed. Only a well-experienced teacher can bring out the best resources of a student and help him or her identify strengths and lacking nodes. Atleast 90% of us would agree to the fact that we never found education interesting during our schooldays, irrespective of whether 10 years or 50 years back. It was always either a role-model teacher or a teacher friend who made us realize the value of education and helped us understand the seemingly insurmountable subjects. To some of us it could have been mathematics, to a few others it could have been science and so on.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. Making it nobler is the power of teaching fraternity. Systems, practices and attitude of imparting education can make a significant change and influence students’ lives. This change can emerge to be a sea change in shaping the tomorrow of the child and the society in which he or she lives in and will continue to be a part of. Thus it becomes a social responsibility rather a collective one to make education interesting to children so that they do not stop with asking questions but also arrive at the answers themselves, with proper guidance in the right direction.

Preparing For The National Board Of Echocardiography Certification

Preparing For The National Board Of Echocardiography Certification

The formation of the National Board of Echocardiography, Inc. (NBE) was done by merging SCA Exam and ASCeXAM, Inc. in November 1998. Now, NBE works in collaboration with the National Board of Medical Examiners to conduct examinations which allow physicians to test and demonstrate the knowledge of Echocardiography. The emphasis of the entire exercise is to establish quality and standard in the profession. Bringing out competence among professionals involved in Echocardiography, NBE holds three level exams.

The ASCeXAM is the examination of special competence in adult Echocardiography, candidates who wish to get competence in all areas of Echocardiography can appear for the certification. Similarly, the ReASCE stands for the Recertification Examination of Special Competence in Adult Echocardiography which is designed specifically for the candidates who have previously been certified. The third certification is Advanced PTEeXAM which stands for the examination of special competence in advanced perioperative transesophageal echocardiography.

The PTEeXAM certification shows that the certified professional has special competence in advanced perioperative transesophageal echocardiography and can utilize the full diagnostic potential of perioperative TEE including direction of the perioperative surgical decision making process. Echocardiography review is done to re-certify a candidate who has been registered but lost the membership because of time lapse. Several textbook of Echocardiography review help candidates prepare for recertification or ReASCE.

Echocardiography videos help candidates understand several subjects covered in NBE conducted exams. The videos can be used to know about Sound Wave Connection, Transducer Components, Structure of Ultrasound Beam, Display of Ultrasound Info, 3D Imaging: Volumetric Imaging, Surface Reconstruction, The Doppler Effect and Analysis, TEE Exam Contraindications, Prep and Procedure Probe insertion, orientation and manipulation, Multiple Mid-esophageal chamber views, Misinterpretation of Normal Structures, Aortic regurgitation, etc.

Additionally, Echocardiography video can be used to understand several topics covered e.g. Aortic Stenosis, Mitral Valve Regurgitation, Mitral Stenosis Pressure Half-Time, Bileaflet Prosthetic Valves, Contrast Echocardiography, Ventricular Assist Devices, Right Ventricular Function, Assessment of Diastolic Function, Air Detection, Wall Motion Anomalies, etc. in certification exam. The study material to prepare for the NBE conducted exam can be bought in videos. With the help of Echocardiography videos candidates can study questions asked in the exam.

Source ATI Medical Education Publishing is a leading service provider of study material for Echocardiography certification. It offers Echocardiography Video Review which is a Comprehensive Training Video for real time 3D Heart Imaging. The program is auto-installable onto the computer by the insertion of the disc. Though not incompatible with MAC, it can be used with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7

Preschool Education On Dish Network

Preschool Education On Dish Network

The kids programs on DISH Network are the best means of educating your little ones before the initiation of their obligatory education. Books were the only source of educating them, when satellite TV was not available. Whatever we see, we are able to restore it better in our memory than what we read. In this respect, the kids programs are very effective in guiding your infants. The colorful images on the TV screen allure them to watch these programs, sitting beside you. This is how you can teach them the basics of education.

Many of these TV shows are interactive and you find your child taking interest in them. Larger sizes and brighter colors appeal to them the most. The high-definition visual output adds prominence to the alphabets appearing on your TV screen. A page of the book is just one-fourth or even less than the size of your TV screen. So the size of the alphabets also shrinks down accordingly, making them less attractive to your childs eyes. The alphabet-learning programs on satellite TV, display live images for each and every alphabet. Kids like to watch the moving images rather than the bookish ones that dont move. One has to develop a love for education or on can never get anything out of it. These programs are the initiatives that you can take to generate that passion in your child.

With the DISH Network kids programs round the corner, education does not remain confined to a particular routine. These programs can be watched on and off, as per the desire of your little one. The DVR technology, in co-ordination with satellite TV, helps you record the programs for later viewing. So you need not adjust your tutorial timings; the programs adapt their timings to your schedule. Spend some gleeful moments with your child and recall the days when you had undergone the same phase of learning. Old times never come back but you can always recapitulate them through these little incidents.

Counting of numbers becomes very interesting with the satellite TV learning shows. Keep the abacus aside and tune into the kids programming channels that are on offer for your child. Teachers from the field of child psychology and kindergarten education come up with inventive techniques. Things become easier for the kids to understand and grasp them. The basic mathematical rules need to go right if you view your daughter or son as a future number cruncher.

Many of these programs feature storytelling and quiz shows. Books are all that we can relate with the fairy tale and bedtime stories. The surreal world has never been so lively before its showcase on the DISH TV shows. All the fantasy characters come alive on your TV screen, bringing sheer joy on your childs face. The kids programming packages, including the premier kids channels, are available at prices that are very reasonable. So get one now to create fun-filled teaching sessions at home. No one knows your kids better than you, so you will be able to guide them through their first steps to education.

Some Important Thoughts On Education And Tutoring

Some Important Thoughts On Education And Tutoring

The most crucial thing to understand is that additional lessons cannot replace school. Rather, they can be used to complement school and cater for a different perspective and method of teaching the identical work. If you are struggling, it is probable that the problem stems from school lessons not providing a fresh enough understanding of the work. Using tutors as a distinguishable source of information can make a large impact on your marks. Additional lessons will have the large outcome on students who are ready to work hard. One-on-one attention is simply not accomplishable in the classroom, thus extra lessons with quality tutors will help clarify difficult sections of work and provide the foundations that enable the youngster to prosper and reach their goals.

Student tutors made a success of school and they can support you do the same. These tutors were in the identical spot as you as little as a year ago. They can pass on knowledge and advice from a really different perspective to that given at school. They know what the pressures of exams are like and they also know how to deal with it. In our experience, student tutors can become a strong inspiration of inspiration for you. They can assist you get an attitude of wanting to succeed, and this is perhaps the most important step in improving school marks. If you already have that positive attitude, but are struggling with the activity, student tutors can help fill in the gaps in your knowledge and supply you with a deeper understanding of the work.

It is important that the student-tutor match is right, as the right combination will result in the tutor being more right than somebody to pass on skill,ability and knowledge but also to act as a role model. All ‘tutors with distinctions’ obtained excellent matric results, and are studying at college and have a passion for helping younger students reach their goals. I’ve found that if you need extra lessons that Alpha Tuition CC is definitely the place to go. Those students are friendly and compassionate and are fit to interact well with their students rather than simply being the ‘nerds’ of the grade. They are knowledgeable yet able to form the right bond with their students.

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Regroup And E2campus Are The Most Trusted Emergency Notification Systems In Education

Regroup And E2campus Are The Most Trusted Emergency Notification Systems In Education and E2campus are mass notification systems that allow administrators to send and manage time-sensitive communications to students, employees, volunteers, partners, alumni, media and other users. It is an effective web-based system used by various institutions that need to communicate swiftly to their staff or other constituents or people on their contact or marketing lists. Regroup is powered by a system developed by Stanford University computer scientists and is the most advanced multimodal mass notification ecosystem in the world. Omnilert, which powers E2campus, is also a reliable network for delivering emergency alerts, breaking news and other critical information. Regroup and E2campus enable the user to send important campus information via mobile phone, web page, RSS, PDA, Email, text pager and email accounts. With more than 90% of college students having mobile phones, this method of communication increases safety in the organization. The alerts simultaneously reach popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Regroup and E2campus are a perfect source for communicating emergency broadcast, terrorist alerts, event cancellations, HAZMAT spills and other important information. The subscriber just needs to sign up and then he can receive the alerts in his mobile and other modes. He can change the account settings to add different email addresses and phone numbers. provides enhanced communication solutions and emergency notification systems to a large groups of people. The company provides SaaS solutions that allow great degree of freedom and flexibility to users and makes communication easy and effective. The Regroup communication solutions have been tested by over 1 million (1,000,000) users in companies, organizations, and schools across the country. Through tight integration with mobile, text messaging, voice messaging, email, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and a clients own website and forums, Regroup offers clients a flawless and foolproof method of communication.

Regroup Emergency Messaging Solutions was founded by computer scientists at Harvard and Stanford Universities in Palo Alto, CA and Cambridge, MA, in 2006. They work with companies like Hitachi, nonprofits, like the American Chemical Society, and higher education college and university such as the state university system of Maryland and New Mexico, among others.

Regroup understands the need of important communications and provide excellent and reliable communication services. They offer a user-friendly web interface and allows for unlimited file uploads. offers communication services for schools, organizations and corporate institutes as well. The company believes in providing exceptional technology at affordable prices. Check out the complete details about their service at

Negative Sides Of Online Education And The Remedies

Negative Sides Of Online Education And The Remedies

Online education is just the way you had yearned for to undertake a systematic learning process of your choice. You can simply surpass the hurdles of attending scheduled classes in a stereotype way and make up your personal setup as per your routine to pursue a course. You can rightly get college degrees through online education sitting back at home. Where lies the problem? Everything fits into the lifestyle you want to lead by giving you the privilege to go for higher education. Actually this is not all. It represents only one side of the coin. Though online education or E-learning process have made a benchmark in the field of education as well as professional world yet the acceptance of such degrees still have to undergo an acid test. There are many pitfalls in the system and a throughout recognition to the online degrees in the professional scenario is yet to be attained. Things you must make sure Most fall into the trap of fake degrees in the name of online education. This is a common mistake and those who claim that they are providing you a genuine degree can fool you very easily. Thus it is your foremost duty to find out the authenticity of the degree being provided in the online education system from the right sources. The process is not very tough and you can also check the credentials from your home through the different supporting links provided in the web medium. The panel that will conduct the interview always scrutinizes online degrees of any form. The whole issue is related to the affiliation or accreditation of the course to a university or distinctive school. Now you may find that the degrees on offer are accredited to some agencies of educational institutes. And here lies the trap. After seeing the accreditation you firmly rely on the genuineness of the course and get ready to enroll and invest on it. But you don’t have the slightest idea that the agency can be a fake one. Most of the times it actually happens to be so. Thus at the end of the day you land up to a fake degree that is a complete wastage of time, money and effort. You can never expect to get a proper placement with such a degree in your educational record. Unless you make yourself fully assured about the validity and legitimacy of the accreditation matter you must not opt for such an online course. You can anytime fall into a false position and then you won’t be given a second chance to retreat.

Public Schools Should Offer Challenges For Students At All Levels

Public Schools Should Offer Challenges For Students At All Levels

For many years there has been a public outcry for education reform in this country. One of the issues often discussed as part of this reform movement is a parent’s right to evaluate various public schools and choose which one their children will attend. The quality of a child’s instruction should not be decided by which zip code they live in or what district they are zoned for. While there is still much progress to be made as far as this issue is concerned, there are a lot of new options being made available to students and their parents. Many deserving children are now able to receive tuition vouchers or attend charter programs of their choice. This helps ensure that more and more students will continue to be nurtured and challenged in their learning environments.

Do you know where your state stands on charter programs and alternative learning strategies? It is important to be aware of these things if you are going to exercise your parental rights or make your opinions known to the state’s education commissioner. For instance, perhaps you would like to advocate for more charter approvals or online classroom enrollment programs. These are exactly the kinds of learning opportunities that have helped lower dropout rates in states all over the country. Plus, these are viable alternative education solutions for students who do not thrive in regular public schools for one reason or another.

If you feel your child is not getting the right sort of attention at one of the public schools in your district, contact the administrators at the institution. It doesn’t matter whether your child needs accelerated classes or those geared towards children with learning differences. The individuals at the facility should at least attempt to offer a solution. In the event that they cannot remedy the situation, however, contact a non-profit group that advocates for education reform. Someone from one of these organizations may be able to bring more media attention to the problem at hand. Also, take the time to chat with other parents in your area. If they have similar complaints about the way the public schools are being run, a number of you might want to band together and start some sort of grassroots campaign. The more people who raise their voices, the less likely administrators and policy makers will be to ignore complaints. This is the only way flawed education systems will be reformed with any sense of urgency.

For more information about options for Kalamazoo public schools visit: .

The Way We Choose Friends

The Way We Choose Friends

This very general statement given by Graham Allen sums up very well some of the links to how friendships are formed. Most of the people who we class as our friends are likeminded people sharing one or more common interests. Many would say that people of the same social class are likeminded, mix and interact within the same social circles, perform similar jobs, take their children to the same schools or go to the same schools, colleges or universities, have common social interests and generally there is a large number of friends made with people who share the same social class. Are these friendships made because of the same social class, or through the common features of that social classes living? Relationships are made through interaction and meeting of people and then they develop further into friendships through similarities in their lives such as social class, similar personalities and common features of their lives.

The initial contact is made in certain settings such as work, a sports or social club, but they only truly become friends when they start to interact with these same people outside of areas where they initially met. People are consciously choosing their friends and choosing the kind of relationships they have with them, whether they be very open and share many details about their lives or quite closed and simply talk about the context which they are friends about, e.g. parenthood and schooling if they have met during their study.

Are many our friendships based on educational background? From compulsory education up to the end of high school we meet and make many friends, certainly not necessarily all our friends, but at least some. At the age of six for example, it is our school mates other than family and parental figures that you are spending most of your time with. Time is directly related to friendship because outside of work (at work you often dont have the choice of who you work and therefore have to spend time with) you only spend time with people whose company you enjoy. If you do not enjoy spending time with a certain person then most of the time you simply choose to not see him. Yes, we do choose our friends and certainly we choose who to not make friends with.

Another common quality that can lead to further friendship and certainly the most common ground for people to meet during their childhood and young adulthood, because of the fact that almost every one undergoes this within developed natures up to the age of mid-teens. You are mixing with more like minded people the further you are progressing. This happens due to the segmentation that occurs as you progress through the system. For example during A level education most of the people who I meet have the common aim of developing their academic skills, thus giving at least one common area of interest. Once you get to know some of these people you then discover further similarities and common grounds of interest e.g. sport, music, socialising, specific academic fields etc. However it is worth noting that certainly not all of these people you would class as friends in the sense that you spend a lot of time with them outside of the area of first contact, and these people you personally class as acquaintances. As you progress onto university and move away from home you again find more likeminded people and fewer non-likeminded people. This is again due to the fact that you choose an institution that meets your needs and fulfils your expectations and therefore most people who you meet there have similar needs and expectations, again more common grounds to develop potential friendships.

You then find people with qualities, backgrounds and personalities like yours, therefore friendships are certainly made on the common ground of education, because it is the major area of meeting people and within this area we make acquaintances and friendships.

Postgraduate Media Studies Courses in Canada Benefits and Admission Requirements

Postgraduate Media Studies Courses in Canada Benefits and Admission Requirements

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A postgraduate program in media engineering design integration can supply you with a balanced set of design knowledge, skills and capabilities required in media production and media engineering. It trains graduates to work with and lead cross-functional teams of technologists and media producers creating new applications for the media marketplace.

The program in media studies is a unique and hybrid program that focuses on the designing, production and management of innovative media products. The one-year certificate program aims to help students become well-versed in

Application development for wireless devices
Content creation
Interactive museum and retail installations
Digital signage systems and networks

In addition, a strong emphasis is laid on developing

Analytical and decision-making skills
Ability to assess, develop, manage and execute a media technology project
Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
Leadership skills to manage and guide cross-functional teams

Centennial College’s one-year postgraduate media studies coursescover a wide range of subjects, including:

Video production and sound design
Visual design
Design for web and mobile devices
Math and electrical fundamentals
Media electronics
Computer systems and networks
Programming fundamentals
Physical computing
Entrepreneurship and product development
Media system engineering
Automated control systems
Web programming
Media informatics/information metrics
Content management
Portfolio production

The program combines

Classroom learning
Team and individual projects guided and assessed by industry entrepreneurs
Hands-on lab in Programmable Logic Controller, robotics, sensors, electronics, media analytics and network technology project management
Hands-on-experience in the creation and distribution of digital media, video and audio projects for mobile networks and environmental installations
A 15-week industry placement at an interactive design firm or media technology company

Benefits of Media Education

The postgraduate in Centennial’s media education program offers graduates a number of benefits. They

Develop skills and capabilities to work with up-to-date methods of media production
Enhance their core strengths in engineering technology and media production
Get essential experience of working with cross-functional teams
Develop skills and flexibility to lead hybrid teams and develop new solutions
Gain ability to face real world challenges and develop innovative solutions to overcome them

The graduates of this program can work as project coordinators, digital media producers, interactive technical producers, exhibit designers, and producers – digital signage networks content, user experience designers and software programmers. The professionals can find employment with media producers, publishers and media technology developers. The typical work activities may include:

Assigning tasks to the teams of technologists
Providing direction and guidance
Project management
Developing and implementing project plan and design specifications
Overseeing information architecture
Coordinating work efforts across software development, creative design and production teams

However, the job responsibilities may vary widely depending upon the employment, job title and individual qualifications, skills and capabilities and work experience.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for a postgraduate certificate program in entertainment and media systems design, applicants will need:

University degree or college diploma in a discipline related to engineering, technology or media
Minimum two years university education and relevant work experience (for applicants with partial post-secondary education)
A portfolio of work and/or project
Latest resume
Letter of intent