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Philosophy Of Education

Philosophy Of Education

Motivation to learn

Motivation may be defined as the process (usually internal) that serves to activate an individuals behavior towards a particular direction. This behavior must be persistent in order for one to categorize it as an aspect that had been derived from motivation behavior. Since education in general necessitates persistent behavior, then the concept is imperative in the learning process.
The big question that must be answered is where can teachers draw this motivation from? In other words, there is a need to look into the sources of motivation. (Russell, 2003)

The first one among these is through external stimuli. This encompasses positive feelings that arise from positive outcomes or negative ones that emanate from undesired consequences. Students can be motivated to learn when they realize that there are some positive outcomes to be achieved or some unpleasant ones to be avoided. Students can also be motivated to learn through the social realm. This occurs when they are valued by certain academic related groups. Also students are motivated through the cognitive aspect. In this case, such children may realize that something is in fact interesting and that they need to stick to it. Also, when students fear a certain threat such as repeating a class or not getting a job after college, then they may be motivated to learn.

Additionally, students can be motivated to learn through the conative aspects of their lives. In this regard, when students have a certain dream or life goal that they desire to achieve, then this can go a long way in enhancing their learning process.

Purpose of the school
Students attend school in order to get empowered so as to have the ability to change their societies. This means that schools need to inculcate the right attitudes, behavior and values needed to live in society. It should be noted that society itself has become very pluralistic and diverse. Consequently, school paves the way for achieving this in the long run.

Through schools, it is possible for individuals to gain equal access to opportunities that would have otherwise been unavailable to them if they had not been educated. (Dewey and Russell, 1997)

In order to achieve these purposes, then schools and their representatives need to have a well defined purpose. This has been stated earlier. Additionally, schools need to teach children how to maintain integrity in their institution. This also means that there should be encouragement of character as an important aspect of learning. Also, there ought to be vitality at all times thus teaching students how to prevent burnout during their time in school and even outside the classroom environment.

All children should be educated
My philosophy of education largely embraces this belief. In other words, it is my firm conviction that all children should be educated. This means that any form of discrimination based on the following cannot be tolerated
Culture/ ethnicity
Our society has become increasingly versatile. These days, a classroom may have students from different racial groups. These children all deserve a chance in education because it is right. This fact may hold in open societies such as this country or in other conservative ones too. All children must be treated equally in education. The same argument can also b applied to person form different cultures and ethnicities.

Gender used to be an issue in education during the nineteenth century when a womans place had been set aside as being specific. With the advent of female rights movements, these ideas were replaced by more progressive ones. However, some individuals may belong to societies in which there is still a high level of gender imbalance. Such a mentality may be carried forward even when parents are living in liberal societies such as ours. Consequently, such parents will be denying their child a fundamental right. (Sobocan & Groarke, 2008)

All children should be educated regardless of their abilities. This brings in the issue of inclusive education. In this regard, inclusive schools provide disabled children with an avenue in which they can obtain knowledge both through the formal classroom setting and also through other avenues. Consequently, this empowers them to face society which is also diverse. This is an aspect that would not have been achieved if the disabled child was isolated in a special school.

The issue of age is crucial owing to the fact that some children may not access education opportunities during the right age. This normally occurs as a result of economic or financial strains that force their parents to deny them that opportunity.
Universal truths that schools shoul
d teach
Indeed, there are a number of universal truths that schools can teach their respective children. For instance, matters involving ethics. Ethic does not discriminate because it is universal. Regardless of ones culture, language or background, a child still needs to have some ethical values in order to survive in their lives.

An example of how this is applicable to all spheres of life is through relation to their own lives. For instance, when a child thinks that respect is not a universal issue, then one can reflect upon how others treat them in order to understand just how crucial this virtue is. Another universal truth with regard to ethics is related to the responsibility. All people value responsibility because if someone borrowed anothers car, then it goes without say that that person would definitely want it back. Besides these, it is imperative for children to remember that they cannot survive in society without self control. For instance, when a person is standing next to another one who happens to be a holding a gun, then it would be a desirable trait for the latter to exercise some form of self control. All in all, ethics forms a crucial part of human beings lives and can therefore be regarded as a universal truth. (Russell, 2003)

It is the duty of the school to inculcate in children the manner in which society works. Almost all people in society are struggling to cope or meet their needs. This is a fact that occurs in all aspects of life. Additionally, others are dealing with the issue of reality and how their perceptions can be merged with these realities. Also, there a school needs to teach children about how to face challenges and embrace opportunities.

Teaching character building/ morality is the role of the school
My philosophy of education is founded on the premise that schools have the compulsory obligation to meet teach children about morality. This can be depicted through simple issues and more complex ones. For instance, through the school, children learn that it is wrong to lie because when they do so, then they face negative consequences from it. Also they are taught about patience because they are required to wait for their turn while lining up in the school cafeteria or when answering question in class. Additionally, children are taught to be gentle because in school, violence is not tolerated or being cruel to other. Also, virtues such as honesty are taught automatically by prohibiting certain aspects such presenting work from others as ones own or prohibiting teaching within the classroom.

Character building is an aspect that cannot be chosen as is the case with other subjects or courses to be taken. For instance, if a parent requested a teacher or a school to allow their child to operate out of moral prescriptions by asking them to let his/her child to be violent or to lie. This is something that cannot be reversed or changed. It should be noted that when children choose not to learn morality, then chances are that they will be creating a culture of immorality and not opting out of morality. (Hading, 2000)

Some controversial issues are likely to address when examining the issue of morality because certain aspects of character building may not be universal. Consequently, others may be accused of imposing their moral opinions on others. Taking the example of teaching religions in schools; some people believe that religion is closely associated with morality and should therefore be allowed back in schools. However, I believe that morality need not be tied to religious aspects. Some of these beliefs are merely based on rituals such as not cooking food on the Sabbath or covering ones head with certain regalia. In my view, tying religion with morality is not a true aspect because it creates a different culture. Children will still respect, be honest and act responsibly even without bringing in the religious aspect.

Role of the teacher
Teaching was introduced in classrooms so as to create an environment in which students could learn. Consequently, teachers must be aware of the methods that facilitate students learning. On other words, teaching is the process of learning about student leaning.

Students already have an inherent quality that can motivate or discipline them during the process of learning. However, it is the role of the teacher to ensure that he/she creates a framework where a students abilities and desires can work hand in hand to boost their learning.

It is my belief that learning should be characterized by critical thinking and development of ideas or analyses about pertinent issue. This also means that teachers need to encourage students to participate in critical thought. Additionally, they need to be made in such a way that they have the most straight forward and appropriate methodology for dealing with issue.
A teacher provides the mechanisms for achieving a students aims. In other words, the teacher is the supporter and mentor to the child. They need to be inculcating in their students a sense of commitment, willingness and responsibility during the learning process.

It is my view that in order for teachers to achieve effectiveness in the teaching process, then they need to incorporate both the student and the subject matter in the process. Additionally, teachers also operate within institutional contexts and care must be taken to incorporate these .
Role of the student

Students have the responsibility of investing their time and also their efforts in the learning process. This is because the latter cannot take place without them. A students effort can be applied through a variety of channels. The first is through formal domains such as in the classroom, libraries, laboratories, athletics fields etc. The second is though other the social aspect. This means that students need to engage in student organizations or clubs, create friendship both within and outside the classroom. Participate in school activities and engage in conversations with others. Students are supposed to exercise these responsibilities otherwise failure to do so can lead go poor academic and non academic achievement. Also, it could create a culture of anti-intellectualism within a school.

Also, when students to fail to exceed these responsibilities, then they may not be able to fit in society. (Hare, 2007)

Instructional strategy

It my believe that instructions ought to be decision making processes. Effective teaching only occurs when it is context based and not when it is founded on a set of practices. My instructional methods will be constantly adjusted to reflect the kind of progress witnessed among the children. There are a series of variables that affect the decision making process during instructional preparations consequently, care must be taken to incorporate all these aspects as one proceeds with the learning process. In other words, it will inculcate the issue of students needs, their interests, abilities, strengths and also the basic framework.

Ideal classroom
My ideal classroom would be one in which I am standing at the back of the class guiding my students in performing group work or other tasks. The student will be expected to do more talking than myself so as to ensure that they understand the issues at hand.

Also, my ideal classroom would be one in which students are constantly challenged to think about the issues that they are learning. This means that they should be able to apply the instructional lessons in their daily life or at least understand how this can occur. (Hare, 2007)

Narrative of my philosophy
In other words, my philosophy is founded on the premise that all children have the right to education regardless of the degree of acceptance in society. It is also governed by the belief that students can be motivated to learn by connecting a series of external and internal stimuli. Additionally, I believe that education should be the platform that teaches children moral character. However, this should be dissociated from religious teaching. A number of universal truths such as ethics, pursuit of happiness and meeting ones needs ought to be taught in schools too. Lastly, I believe that instructions should be dynamic so as to incorporate students attitudes and thoughts.

The philosophy of education close to mine and the differences
The philosophy that closely resembles mine is the life enriching organization philosophy. According to Carl Rogers, Walter Wink, Neil Postman and most importantly Marshall RosenBerg, education should take place in an environment that resembles a life enriching organization.

RosenBerg believed that all people within the classroom or the school need to connected to one another in such a manner that they allow judgments into their lives without letting this obscure their learning process. Additionally, such people are dependent on each other and their needs are just as important as others. Consequently, such schools are not inspired by guilt and shame or fear of punishment.

This philosophy differs from my philosophy because there is more emphasis on meeting the needs of others rather one self. While this component is important in my philosophy, it does not form the basis of the philosophy. (Hare, 2007)
Risk factors and how the philosophy provided a basis for the intervention
One of the risk factors that is of interest to me is children growing up in single parent homes with little attention from the existing parent. The second category is composed of children from neighborhoods with high cases of substance, abuse, rape, robbery and other crimes.

If the child happens to be performing poorly and has record low attendance, then the first intervention would be communicating with the child. The philosophy of education is related to this aspect because it is founded upon helping the child to meet his or her needs. The second intervention would be discussing the matter with the school administration. Again, this is in line with my philosophy because it would incorporate other stakeholder sin the teaching process. The other intervention would be discussing the matter with the childs parent. This will also be in line with my philosophy because it is governed by the need to cooperate with other individuals in helping the child achieve their aspirations.

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Landmark Education Forum- Review

Landmark Education Forum- Review

Landmark education is a lifestyle changing program. You will definitely think that there is nothing new in it. There are plenty of new things actually and before start reading the review you need to be open minded. Otherwise it is not possible to understand the whole thing. You may feel that landmark education is nothing but conversing for hours. Landmark education has developed landmark forum so that likeminded people can interact and share various experiences of their lives. You may know many things and when you are facing troubles you may find that your knowledge about life is not enough. That is why landmark education based on practical solutions and conversations mostly. This is not possible to describe all the details about landmark forum in such a small space but we will try to let you know about most of the parts of landmark forum for sure.

Many people think that landmark forum is nothing but telling stories about life. This is not true because these are not stories. In landmark forum you will get to know various new things about life and real life experiences from other people. They too will be enriched to know your life and its ups and downs. This way all the members will be able to share their experiences through conversation and they will also feel better from inside. They will find a new way to see life and that is the motto of landmark forum. You must feel rejuvenated from inside so that you can again start living your life fully. Stress will always be there and landmark education will just tell you about ways to handle stress properly. These stories are not philosophy. These are simple stories of people and their lives. Every problem has a solution but if you stop trying then you can never find the right solution for your problem.

There are many people who feel guilty about not been able to give time to their families. They realize the problem but they have no idea about how to solve it. Landmark forum is such a place where you can find different types of people with different types of problems. You may find some other people who too are suffering from the same problems. You can also find some people who are continuing both the life pretty successfully. You can learn from their experiences for sure. .many people start blaming themselves when they face failure in their lives. You must be steady and face failure face to face so that you can have the courage to proceed to turn failure to success in future.

To become successful you need to put your heart into your work and with landmark education you will learn to do things in such a way so that you can become successful. Personal integrity is very importance so that you can save yourself from any trouble and also you can solve various troubles easily without hurting anybody. This is not really possible to describe the full life changing program in such a small place. Once you get enrolled you will feel the different from within.

The Education In Uae Consist Of International Universities To Promote Further Education

The Education In Uae Consist Of International Universities To Promote Further Education

Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future and is critical to reducing poverty and inequality. Individuals, who learn to read, write and count will provide a better future for their families and countries. With improved education, so many other areas are positively affected. In short, education has the power to make the world a better place.

The popular primary schools Dubai have limited seats for admission
If you have a school in mind, get your childs name on the waiting list as soon as possible, since the demand for spaces at the more popular schools is high. The popular primary schools Dubai receive enormous application requests from parents for admission of their children. But owing to the limited seats, you need to be extra careful about registering your child in one of the prominent schools in UAE.
The education in UAE follows international standards
There are many of us who want to continue with further education for better career growth prospects. Dubai does have a growing number of internationally recognized universities and colleges offering degree and diploma courses in the fields of arts, sciences, business and management, and engineering and technology. There are also a number of opportunities for post-graduate courses. The education in UAE follows international standards which help in building job prospects across the world.
Traffic on the road is one of the factors to be considered before registering your child in the primary schools Dubai
All the major corporate giants have their offices stationed in this part of the world. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of people who has shifted their base to UAE. All these factors have contributed to an increase in traffic on the roads of this nation. So, while admitting your child in the primary schools Dubai, consider the distance of the school from your place of stay. As a parent, it is important for you to not keep your child for longer hours outside home.
The education in UAE offers multiple courses to its students
This country facilitates and promotes education of all genres. Whether you want to excel in art subjects, language studies, or want to experiment and invent some new technologies, youll be able to confidently pursue your dreams. The international degree awarded from pursuing education in UAE is recognized all over the earth. This also helps to generate job employability no matter where ever you go.
It is important to choose the best course structure before enrolling your child in the primary schools Dubai
You need to pick a school that offers the best curriculum for your child. Suppose if you are a British and are planning to return home after a couple of years, it might be best to find a school that offers the English National Curriculum. Similarly, if you think you might end up elsewhere on another expat assignment after you leave Dubai, it might be better to choose the International Curriculum, which will help your child slot into a wide range of curriculums. The primary schools Dubai have different curriculums, so choose the best course for your child accordingly.
Also keep in mind that most of the school timings and fees vary drastically. Also be prepared to accept that there are a lot of school holidays in this country. So, keep all the factors in consideration while selecting a school for your child.

Children Should Stay At School

Children Should Stay At School

Education is something necessary that everyone needs , education is like food , water or air. You need education in life , an educated person is far more comfortable with his life than uneducated person , this is because the educated person can get a job very easily , he also can get more salary, but if you look at the uneducated person who have left school or who has not completed his education he will have a very small chance in competing against the educated people who apply for the same job.

In the third world countries and in the developing countries such as Bangladesh and India , most children leave school before they complete their primary education or even sometimes they don’t go at all , this mainly because their families and their parents think that going to school is not as important as working on the streets , poor parents will tell their children to help them with their work or to find themselves a job to help rise the income of the family. You can see the scene of children working in factories , working in shops, going around the streets selling stuff and many other.

The families of these children thinking that by sending them to work in the streets they are going to make use of them and they are going to bring benefits for the family, but actually these parents and families who send their children to work before completing their secondary and primary education are only looking at the short-term benefits, ignoring the long-term benefits which are after those children complete their primary and secondary education they might have a chance of expanding their knowledge and gaining scholarship to universities , this ( completing their primary and secondary education) might get them a better chance of getting a job in future and it will also increase their pay and as everyone know a person who has a degree or even a diploma can easily get a job compare to someone who left school before completing his secondary education, so if you think of the long-term benefits for this child who stays at school and complete his education you will find that he will get a better life than the child who left school to help his family or to go and work on the streets, so for parents if you are considering the future of your child and if you care about his life and if you want to give him a better life than yours YOU SHOULD let him stay at school and complete his education.

Why Consider Education Jobs

Why Consider Education Jobs

Choosing a career path in education is not only challenging and exciting, but is also a noble profession, where in one gets to help young minds learn new things. Education jobs are on the demand as there is a great need for qualified educators and teachers; and this demand is not likely to go down any time in the near future. Regardless of your interest in being employed as an academician, primary school teacher, special educational instructor or corporate coach, you are sure to find education opportunities and a career in education to be enormously gratifying.

Considered to be one of the most popular choices for young graduates, education jobs and a career in teaching offers a number of roles to select from. Although most people consider education jobs to be associated with teaching only in schools or in colleges, there are a number of education opportunities that involve working with gifted children as well as teaching adults, while some education jobs called for professional roles and specific areas of proficiency. In addition to teaching at primary schools, post- primary classes or third level teaching, education jobs also call for roles within special needs or education of pupils with learning difficulties, educational programs or courses for adults who are out of school or college, educational psychology, vocational guidance, attitude assessment, cognitive development and many more.

Some important education jobs include academic educator, school/college counselor, school administrator, school/university psychologist, continuing educational program planner, speech consultant, student affairs administrator, curriculum organizer, private instructor, etc.

Education jobs do not always mean teaching or instructing students. The field of instruction and education encompasses many other responsibilities and varied education opportunities. The education industry offers its people with a host of possibilities and benefits that takes one out of a schoolroom and into the world of guidance, governance or even developing educational learning materials.

It is important to consider education opportunities or a career in education if you enjoy speaking and addressing people across ages and have an authentic interest in assisting people to develop their future at a range of different levels. Other significant attributes in qualifying for education jobs include creative thinking, an efficient and orderly approach to tasks, adaptability, team building ability and, based on the place you work in, an eagerness for and exhaustive know-how of a particular field of study. If you are enthusiastic about a specific discipline, education jobs could be an awesome choice of career for you.

Entry requirements for education opportunities depend upon particular field of discipline and area you want to be employed in, but almost every education opportunity call for some level of expert training. The majority of educators in universities call for an accredited fundamental teaching certificate, which can be taken at undergraduate or higher level.

Private Schools Help Students Get Better Grades Resulting In Better Leading University Attendance

Private Schools Help Students Get Better Grades Resulting In Better Leading University Attendance

Why Parents Choice of Private Schools Has Changed Lives.

The education and preparation provided by private schools are unparalleled. Statistics show that pupils who attend private schools are four times more likely to achieve high honors when they enroll into high school than their public school counterparts. Students graduating from private schools have demonstrated an ability to not only excel in high school, but in college as well.

Further statistics show that students at fee-paying schools made up 43.9 percent of those given places at Oxford University and 41 percent of those at Cambridge. Also, 92.9 percent of pupils leaving independent schools went on to higher education in 2008. This highlights an alarming inadequacy in public education. There must be a proportionate amount of equally bright children at state schools, but they are missing out on the top grades due to an inadequate educational environment.

One private school graduate from Carden Academy explained Carden Academy gave me the ability to balance all of the activities in which I was involved in while maintaining a high GPA (3.7). My deep knowledge of and comfort with the fundamentals of sentence composition and parts of speech served as an indispensable skill while in high school honors and Advanced Placement courses, and in college, writing my larger papers were a breeze.

Because private schools tend to offer a more rigorous curriculum than public schools, students attending private schools are better prepared for the demands of college. Several college admissions have noticed the difference in education and given added weight to attendance at competitive private schools. In order to give your child the best opportunities for academic excellence, private schools have demonstrated their unrivaled ability to help students develop into world-class scholars. By educating your child at a private school, they will gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed not only in academics, but in life.

To learn more about private elementary education for your child and how it can change their life, visit or call (949) 458-1776.

Basic Principles Of Jewish Education

Basic Principles Of Jewish Education

Early childhood education is not all about providing the right experiences at the right stage of childs development but also a guide for preschool teachers and home-schooling parents to give preschools student the best start in life. The preschool programs and different areas of studies provide natural approach by availing a structured and proper early childhood education.

The supportive families and faculty members have to work together with community to develop bright future of the students to attain maximum potential from them and develop them as lifelong learner. The environment also helps them to develop high moral standards.

The basic foundation of Hillel Jewish education system is based on torah mishamayim. The three primary concepts of Hillel program are Torah, Avodah or Prayer and Gimilut Chassadim or Charity.

One of primary objectives is to instill a deep knowledge, understanding and ability to analyze the Torah in order to find within it practical everyday lessons. These include the gratitude of such basic concepts as pride versus humility, materialism versus spirituality, Lashon Hara versus productive speech and all of which students may identify with as conventional norms.

Hillel education system shows how the torah is an essential guide at various stages of life at regular interval of the study. From childhood through adulthood, it supports people in their roles of child, sibling, parent, spouse, as well as school roles of student, teacher, and administrator. It is even present in the daily interactions of business world. Hillel students will learn to value the Torah in its entirety.

Hebrew language also plays a vital role in the Hillel experience. In addition to serving as a significant tool for the study of the written and oral Torah, it also is taught for the purpose of communication with Jews in Israel and those who inhabit in diverse communities around the world. It serves as a window to contemporary Israeli culture and society, strengthening vibrant Zionistic community.

According to code of Jewish laws, Hillel teaches individual and communal process of prayer. As Judaism emphasizes the need for man to communicate with G-D, Hillel teaches students to praise G-D, to ask Him for fulfillment of their needs and then to offer Him thanks.

This is satisfactory for every parent to imagine and to see their child who has high moral values and even confident towards life. They will also gain good self-esteem, good thinking skills, well developed senses and attentiveness, artistic and able to socialize, read writes and communicates ideas. Isnt it a fantastic way for overall growth of a child?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Sales Representative

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Sales Representative

Profession is something that requires some knowledge, skills, and experience. When you know what you want to achieve, you can choose a corresponding profession and attain success. Some people think that education is not important and try to influence other peoples mind. Reforms in education are aimed at making the modern education more comprehensive and relevant to the global changes, financial situation, and cultural diversities. Globalization is the first concept coming to the mind when thinking about the overall impact of some general area on education. Global issues are considered at educational establishments, students are taught to respect other cultures and traditions. When the cultures meet, some changes should occur in the minds and attitude of the people representing these cultures.

Travelling all over the World

Travelling, seeing other countries and meeting interesting people are listed when talking about advantages of such professions as a steward/stewardess, an actor/actress, a singer, a guide, a sportsman, and a sales representative.

When people travel abroad, it seems interesting for their relatives, friends, and people knowing about their profession. However, travelling can be exhausting and irritating if a person is not shaped for this kind of job.

A family is another side of the same coin because sales representatives are not able to spend as much time as they want with their families. In this case, the affected party is the one to support the sales representative. Understanding of difficulties can help a person to overcome certain problems related to combining a position and family duties.

When you learn something about the culture you encounter, it is easier for you to meet people representing this country. As a rule, people that have made some mistakes in communication with representatives of other countries, try to learn more not to feel out of it next time. This is a good lesson because you can learn something in advance.

Travelling is one of the major advantages of the profession of a sales representative. However, the family can suffer from being neglected.

Waitress Resume – Write A Resume That Will Land You A Job

Waitress Resume – Write A Resume That Will Land You A Job

Are you a waitress looking for a new job? Do you want to the advantage on the competition so that you get the job you want without much trouble? You need to make sure your waitress resume stands out compared to other waitresses’. If you plan on applying to work at a restaurant, chances are you will be asked to submit a waitress resume along with your application. You may also choose to include an estimate of the average amount of tips you earned at the previous food service venues you worked at. Averaging high tips usually denotes that you were a good waiter or waitress.

Remember, anything you can do to show your strengths is going to help solidify you as a good candidate for the job. The way in which you present your waitressing resume can be the difference between a waitress resume that stands out from other job seekers or one that is lost in the pile. You’ll be prepared to apply for any restaurant you’d like if your waitress resume is carefully organized in this way. Show them you know what they are looking for and that you possess the skills and experience they need. Having a well-written waitress resume on hand will show that you are confident in your abilities to serve.

Although an extensive education is usually not required, you will want to include what education you have. An education or a degree will show the employer that you are goal-oriented, motivated, and possess good work ethic; all things that will leave a good impression. An outstanding waiter or waitress resume is one in which includes references. However, it is sufficient just to indicate that you have them and to provide them at the request of the person who is interviewing you. Just remember when it comes time for your interview to bring your reference information with you. Be sure to talk to your references ahead of time and let them know you will be using their names.

First, always dress at least one step above the uniform you will be wearing. Dress like you are going to interview at a bank. Guys need to wear a tie and girls a nice business outfit. Since you are applying for a customer service position as a waitress or waiter you will know right off the bat that the restaurant is going to be looking for friendly faces to take care of their guests. You need to portray this in your application, waitress resume, and your appearance.
Second, always have a waitress resume on hand. This gives you something to work with when filling the application out and it also give the potential employer the information they need to make a good decision about interviewing you. Plus it looks very professional and shows that you put forth an effort. Your waitress resume will let the employer know at a glance what kind of experience you have to offer.

Third, write your waitress resume in a professional manner. You may want to invest in a resume preparation software package or have prepared by a professional with experience in waitress resumes. Include your most recent 3 employers, 2 to 4 good references, contact information, and any education or training you have received that relates. You should also include a little information about what you did at past employers, any promotions you were give, and any awards you won.

Last, always apply in person when possible. Make sure to go when the restaurant will be slow, take your waitress resume, and fill out an application. Then, make sure you get to personally hand the application to a manager and ask when you can meet for an interview. They will either interview you on the spot, set up a time, or tell you they are fully staffed.
Your work history will be one of the main sections that a restaurant manager will look at. This is because the more you already know about food service and restaurant procedures, the less training you will require, and the more likely it is that you will get hired. Restaurants tend to work on a step ladder basis.

There are some restaurants that will take and train inexperienced staff, and others that will only take a seasoned professional. Most of the higher quality restaurants require that you have at least 2 or 3 years of experience in the industry before they hire you. If you are new to the industry, don’t be afraid to take a lesser-quality job at first. Serving can be extremely high stress and you will be grateful for the experience. After a couple years of experience, you will be rewarded by being more qualified to work for finer dining.

Be careful though- if they see you’ve worked at a lot of different restaurants in a short amount of time, they might think you are inconsistent, unreliable, or come up with other reasons that lead them to believe you might have gotten fired. It’s fine to have an extensive work history as long as you’re prepared to explain why you moved on to bigger and better things.

Objective writing for waitress resume. It is important to offer something of substance. An example of a well written waitressing objective is as follows:”I am a Senior Waitress seeking a position that allows me to utilize my knowledge and passion for Italian cuisine and hospitality. With team leadership experience, my daily goal is to manage the floor so that customer service consistently surpasses diner expectations” Checklist for a Waitress Resume

1. Have an eye-catching waitress resume design – so you will instantly be noticed, and more importantly, remembered

2. Provide the relevant information to the employer or recruitment agency screening waitress resumes

3. Make sure your waitress resume is concise – use single line phrases and bullet points to showcase your waitressing skills and experience

Cmj University For Higher Education In Todays Scenario

Cmj University For Higher Education In Todays Scenario

SS foundation is a decade old Education Consultants and at present National Coordinator of Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning (CMJ) University as well as cmj university study center in delhi (a State Private University), Shilong, Meghalaya The CMJ University was eastablished in 2010, to provide higher education in India through varied programs. Apart from this it is also the center of different different university like KSOU,MDU. EIILM UNIVERSITY and some open learning universities also.
North eastern states of India are generally regarded as backward states. These states are not much developed when compared with other states of India. With very few major industries and business establishments, these states are not at all contributing to the industrial development of India. The main reason stated for this is the backwardness of this region in education. But, this situation has changed a lot now. it is playing an important role in this field. In2009, CMJ University, Meghalaya was established by an Act of state Legislature and is empowered to award degrees as specified by the UGC under Section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956 with the approval of Statutory Councils, wherever required. The CMJ University Act 2009 received the assent of the Governer of Meghalaya on 14th July 2009 and got published in the State Gazette of Meghalaya on 20 July 2009.
CMJ University is the largest university in India, which offers such courses to make capable students to become specialization in their respected fields. The objective of University is to offer one year full time program, part time and full time courses which have been considered for allowing the bachelor and master degree holders students to obtain highly skilled and rich experienced of research method. The students may be benefited of one class infrastructure, good intellectual growth and highly qualified and rich experienced faculties prepared them to get registered in PH.D programs and courses in applicable faculties.Its popularly known with the emphasis on offering high quality and industry relevant education in the areas of Physical Science, Medical science, Life science, Technology and Paramedical, Management, commerce, Finance and accounting, Applied and performing arts, education, law and social science and related areas. The University courses are designed to meet the challenges of the part time and regular courses to make them applicable and approachable to the faculties of professional courses. Cmj University, Meghalaya offer various kinds of programs as engineering, management, computer science and social science, finance and commerce, journalism / mass communication with graduate and postgraduate and doctoral level courses.
For all kind of professional courses as well as traditional courses are available in Cmj university. Here we discussed about some higher education like P.hd. Even the cmj university phd is considered as one of the best in India and a lot of students from other parts of India too are applying for an admission for it. cmj university admission processes are not so complicated. It allows students from all over India to apply for any courses. But they are very strict in maintaining the quality of education. So the criteria for admissions are a bit strict. If you are fulfilling all the criteria there is no doubt that you will get the admission. Due to CMJ study center in Delhi ss foundation offers all courses approved by cmj University. Some other courses are like jbt-bed or jbt is also offered by ss foundation from other universities. We SS foundation are so much glad to tell u all right now we are Cmj National Coordinator also